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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours and Family Events

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours and Family Events


Hannah’s prayer, bringing Samuel to the Tabernacle, and the unification of the tribes of Israel are milestones for many families who wish to celebrate an event with a meaningful program.

Our bar/bat mitzvah events at Ancient Shiloh bring these values together with the responsibility and maturity that the children receive when they reach this special age.

We offer a variety of special activities and tours for people celebrating family events at Ancient Shiloh, such as workshops, ancient handicrafts, theatrical tours, a musical experience, and an area where guests can relax with a cup of coffee.

We invite the children to enjoy a special bar/bat mitzvah program in which they prepare the instructional part of the tour themselves, with help and guidance from a professional guide employed by the site.

Ancient Shiloh has two areas for events:

Beit Kedem, a lovely hall with arches that preserves the ancient style of the building. It includes a sound system and a projector. It fits up to approximately 100 people.

The Keshet Complex, a beautiful lawn with an ancient arched stage, a shade canopy, and decorative lighting. It fits up to approximately 200 people.