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Families & Individuals

Come spend the holidays and vacations with us. We offer many attractions that the whole family can enjoy!

The site is open all year round for visits, including admission to The Shiloh Chronicles exhibit of archaeological artifacts and the Migdal ha-Ro’eh installation.

Independent Exploration of the Site

We recommend adding attractions to your visit such as cycling, ranger tours, and dirt biking in the area of the Shiloh Valley where the springs are located.

During festivals and vacations, you can enjoy interesting and unique activities at the site such as theater, music, a workshop area, the Shilohdudes children’s area, and a “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-themed scavenger hunt.

A visit to Ancient Shiloh by families and individuals provides a whole day of fun, with many attractions featuring high-quality content in the spacious, well-organized site, with pristine landscapes everywhere you look.

We invite you to call us for a special and worthwhile offer. See you in Ancient Shiloh!