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Meat and dairy meals for hikers are available.

They are served buffet-style in the orchard on disposable utensils.

Meat menu — Appetizers: Vegetable salad, bok choy salad, green salad, hummus with chick peas, green tahini salad. Hot entrées: Lamb kebab, Chinese-style stir-fried chicken and noodles; Israeli-style rice; green beans stir-fried with sesame. Served with bread and dips. Hot and cold drinks.

Dairy menu — Appetizers: Green salad with Bulgarian cheese, bok choy salad, burgul wheat salad, cut-vegetable platter. Hot entrées: Borekas in selected flavors, oven-baked potato, fresh tomato lasagna with cheese. Served with bread and dips. Hot and cold drinks.

Kashrut: Mehadrin; under the supervision of the Binyamin District Rabbinate

Price per person: NIS 64

Minimum reservation: 40 people

Ancient Shiloh’s management reserves the right to make changes in the menu from time to time.