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Migdal ha-Ro’eh | The Prophet’s Tower
The visitors’ center is the only one of its kind in Israel.

The visitors’ center is the only one of its kind in Israel. Located at the top of Tel Shiloh, it invites visitors to enjoy an exciting multimedia experience. On the tower’s lower floor, you can enjoy the Shiloh Chronicles exhibit, which displays the many archaeological artifacts that were found in excavations according to the period to which they belong. On the upper floor is an auditorium with 54 seats where you can take in a spectacular hi-tech presentation, shown on ten giant screens, that combines stories from the Bible with the region’s breathtaking, ancient landscape.

The presentation will introduce you to ancient Shiloh’s fascinating and exciting story, as well as to the stories of Samuel, Hannah, and Elkanah and other heroes from the Bible.

The film, which is shown where it was made, is available in six languages and features a cast of approximately 150.

The top of the tower offers a panoramic view of the entire area.

The Prophet’s Tower, which is nine meters high, is built of two cones connected to one another, one with its base in the earth, and the other with its base pointing toward the sky.

Built in 2013, the Prophet’s Tower, which was planned by the architect Gadi Politi, represents the people of Israel planted in the land of its tradition and the location’s history, even as it looks toward the sky and the future.

The tower was built with the help of a generous donation from the Falic family from Miami in memory of Chaim (Fima) Falic.