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Programs, hikes, and activities for schools in Ancient Shiloh

Programs, hikes, and activities for schools in Ancient Shiloh

A biblical theme park awaits children of all ages at Ancient Shiloh!

Why stay in the classroom when you can experience what you are learning with your eyes, hands, and feet?

Watch the books of Joshua and Judges come alive! See the Tabernacle and its vessels take form! The special story of Hannah and Samuel gives bar-bat mitzvah programs new significance.

We have put a great deal of thought and work into the scholastic program, in which each class gets its own tour and activities appropriate to their ages and the material they are studying in class.

Among the tours we offer are a theatrical tour and workshop for the lower grades, a tour combined with a quiz, and a biblical tour.

We recommend taking an entire day to hike the Shiloh Valley, with its hiking paths, springs, and the Zikhron Mishkan Shiloh Synagogue. The tour is approved by the Education Ministry.

Call us for a special offer. See you in Ancient Shiloh!