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The Bible Marathon

“A man from Binyamin ran from the battle and came to Shiloh on that day” (1 Shmuel 4:12)

The Bible — specifically, the fourth chapter of the first book of Samuel — tells of one of the first marathons mentioned in human history.

The Jewish people returned to its land thousands of years after that marathon. After the Six-Day War, Yosef Yekutieli, founder of the Maccabiah Games, measured the distance from Rosh ha-Ayin to ancient Shiloh. To his surprise, he learned that the distance was 42 kilometers — exactly the length of a modern marathon. (The official distance was determined only in the 1908 London Olympic Games.)

The Bible Marathon recreates the historical run from Rosh ha-Ayin to ancient Shiloh in an international athletic event and experience.

Please visit the Bible Marathon website for more information.