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The Book of Shiloh

The Book of Shiloh — edited by Dr. Eyal Meron, Hanan Ehrlich[RJ1] , and Yehuda Etzion

Shiloh, city of the Tabernacle, was a place of pilgrimage and the spiritual center of the Jewish people during the time that the land was being settled. Shiloh was significant in later times as well, as it attracted pilgrims who wished to visit the location where the Tabernacle had stood, though the historical memory faded with the years. The location of Shiloh was slowly forgotten, to the point that it was mistakenly identified with other locations.

Anyone interested in topics such as Shiloh’s status in the Bible and its relationship to Jerusalem, readings of the Book of Esther in Shiloh, the archaeological artifacts found at the site, the issue of the destruction of Shiloh during the time of settlement, the efforts to identify the location of the Tabernacle, settlement in Shiloh in modern times, as well as other subjects, will find the most up-to-date and authoritative answers in this book.

This book is destined to become a basic text for scholars and those who love the Land of Israel who wish to learn about its past and its heritage.

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The Book of Shiloh is the brainchild of the late Rachel Ehrlich, who managed the site and the visitors’ center at Ancient Shiloh from 2005 to 2009. Rachel — a family woman, educator and advocate of settlement, combined in her being vision and action, the sacred and the everyday, the material and the spiritual. She revived Tel Shiloh, transforming it into a living, vibrant, and developing center. The Book of Shiloh is dedicated to her memory.

The Book of Shiloh is divided into three parts: The Sacred, Tel Shiloh, and the New Chapter

Among the essays in the book are the following:

The Sacred

Until Shiloh Come — Rabbi David Tzvi Hoffman

Shiloh: The Basis of Settlement — Rabbi Yisrael Rosen

The Tabernacle in Shiloh: From Unity to Separation — Rabbi Dov Berkovits

Shiloh, the Place Chosen by God — Rabbi Tzuriel Weiner

Tel Shiloh

Nature, Flora, and Fauna in the Shiloh Region — Amos Sabah

Archaeological Sites in the Area of Ancient Shiloh — Dvir Raviv

The Fence “for All Who See”: New Insights — Ze’ev H. Ehrlich

My Place, Which Is in Shiloh — Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun

The New Part

Settlement in the Shiloh Bloc — Hanan Ehrlich

Shiloh: The Sacred and the Everyday: The New Archaeological Exhibit — Galit Litani